May 20, 2008

Tues May 20th - Wonky Weather

The weather is being wonky again. I guess you can't really trust San Diego to be consistent with the weather, it being extremely cool today. ("Cold" would not be an inaccurate term either.) Curious to see that, as yesterday was painfully warm.

I spent the entire day in PJ's, since most of it was hanging out with my boyfriend and getting my room for next year. I originally started the day off in a different outfit, but realized it was just way too cold for a skirt. Great way to play with our minds, mother nature.

Striped Top - Vintage; from my mom's closet
Black Jeans - hole-in-the-wall store....forgot the name.
Boots - Vintage Ebay

1 comment:

Auntie Tati said...

Oh, the striped top is wonderful. I have been looking for something similar to that one, but haven't had any luck yet.