July 19, 2009

YSL Cage Booties

I've always been a shoe fiend. I fall in and out of love with shoes so often I can't even count the times. I always try to find the most fascinating shoes to wrap my little fingers around, and I find many quite fascinating! From granny booties, to brogues, to classic little oxfords and strappy heels, I always find myself in great lust for new shoes.

My newest want would definitely be the Yves Saint Laurent cage booties. I don't know if this is fleeting lust, but right now I am definitely all over these shoes.

The best part is, it seems like a lot of other retail stores seem to be picking up on the trend! While these sweeties are going for a cool $1,500 other places like Bakers are selling out theirs for a fraction of the price. ($70, I believe?) And just today I saw Forever 21 selling a pair exactly like these Baker ones for $27! But I don't know...it's still a little pricey for my blood considering I don't know if it's overwhelming lust or true shoe love.

What do you guys think?

July 17, 2009

What to do what to do...

As a belated birthday present, my sister from NYC decided to mail me a sweet sisterly-love card as well as a nifty $50 Forever 21 gift card. Now unfortunately I've been weening myself off of retail clothing that would cost me more than $10, so I haven't been looking through the stores very much. I'm also very wary of the quality of clothing that comes out from there, they tend to be a little less than reliable.

So I decided to go through their site and look through potential instant-love pieces. None of them struck me as so, especially for the price they're at, but I thoroughly enjoy these certain pieces...

See I'm always fond of the TwelveByTwelve pieces, but they're always terribly overpriced, even if the quality is significantly better. I'm also in the dilemma of the fact I love dresses and heels, but I have too many of them! (About 30+ dresses and 30+ shoes!) Oh, to make this precious card last...

On a side note, who here knows that Anna Sui is totally doing a collection for Target? It's really quite lovely, and supposedly all of her pieces are directly influenced from her past collections! (This could be interpreted as letting us poor folk have a bite at her distinguished line, or that she was possibly lazy to design. I'd like to not think it was the latter.) Here are some highlights from her new Target line arriving soon.

Are they not darling?! I'm excited for it!

July 12, 2009


It has literally been FOREVER since I invested time into my stuff at Ebay. Well recently I thought I would really put things back together again since I had the time to dedicate myself to this project again.

So, without further ado....ClosetBug@Ebay reopens!

Please do check it out! You can click on the image, the little ad spot I have on the left, or just CLICK ON THIS. Lots of random vintage stuff that I wanted to share with those who love and appreciate vintage fashion! Starting bids don't go over $9.99, and it's very unlikely that you'll have to auction too competitively for pieces so go on ahead and check things out!

July 10, 2009

Thursday July 9th - The Boyfriend Birthday

Yesterday night was my boyfriend's 21st birthday and had his celebrations at Dave & Busters so that all us underaged folks could get in. (For those who don't know, Dave & Busters is a bar/arcade place where people can just drink and play!) It was an exciting night, and I was so happy to be there and take part in it!

It was also noted somewhere else that I was kind of a clothes snob...and I admit I am. I honestly feel like I wouldn't be where I'm at now without being highly selective of what clothes I wear and buy. In my head, if I'm not really selective of what clothes I wear and how I present myself with my clothes, I wouldn't have a fine-tuned sense of my style and aesthetic. Is it terrible of me to be a "fashion snob"? Am I the only one in the fashion blogging world that thinks like this?

Anyways, here's what I wore to the celebrations. It was between this get up or a fancy black cocktail dress, except my boyfriend insisted that I dress "casual" for the night. So, believe it or not, this is my "casual" way of dressing haha.

Black Blouse - Gap
High-Waisted Shorts - Gap
Gold Chain Purse - Thrifted, Working Wardrobes
Derby Hat - F21
Cami - Borrowed from the sister
Lace up Heels - Ross

July 8, 2009

Tues July 7th - Black Black Black

Oh dear! I feel like I've been thrown into a hurricane of monotone colors and can't escape! As usual my usual palette has been going back to it's usual and somewhat lazy black and gray ensemble. I'd like to think it has its own chic twists to it as well and it isn't just lazy way of dressing.

This lovely breath-easy dress was found miraculously on a thrift store rack. It's delightful, modern, but still very much romantic and summery despite its dark color. It's also surprisingly from American Eagle Outfitters. Now I will be the last person to be found back at that store (I used to shop there in my early tween days! Oh the horro!) but I was delighted at the quality and affordability of this dress. Three dollars? Oh yes please!

(I also apologize for the shots being taken in my room! It was simply too hot to be taking forever taking shots outdoors!)

Black Babydoll Dress - Thrifted, Salvation Army (American EagleOutfitters)
Buckled Sandals - Macy's, Nine West
White Straw Purse - Thrifted, Working Wardrobes
Peacock Necklace - A gift from my jester ♥, Urban Outfitters

July 4, 2009

Friday July 3rd - Thrift Happy

It's been forever since I had a proper outfit shot, for which I apologize for! My tripod was in storage for a while, and life has been either a rush or a complete standstill so things are just kind of wild so far.

My thrifting has been non stop lately though! Every Saturday is like a gold mine waiting to be harvested, as at least 3 thrift stores down ONE street always go half-off their clothing. It's so much fun! I've raided and looted and always come back full of nifty fun clothes. I'm also preparing for my reopening of ClosetBug@Ebay, so that'll be exciting.

Happy fourth of July as well! I realize I'm blogging this into the early peeps of the holiday, but I hope you all enjoy your outings!

Hat - Thrifted, Salvation Army
Dress - Thrifted, Salvation Army
Belt - Thrifted, Salvation Army
Denim Jacket - Gap
Purse - Thrifted, Working Wardrobse
Shoes - Steve Madden, Solestruck.com