July 8, 2009

Tues July 7th - Black Black Black

Oh dear! I feel like I've been thrown into a hurricane of monotone colors and can't escape! As usual my usual palette has been going back to it's usual and somewhat lazy black and gray ensemble. I'd like to think it has its own chic twists to it as well and it isn't just lazy way of dressing.

This lovely breath-easy dress was found miraculously on a thrift store rack. It's delightful, modern, but still very much romantic and summery despite its dark color. It's also surprisingly from American Eagle Outfitters. Now I will be the last person to be found back at that store (I used to shop there in my early tween days! Oh the horro!) but I was delighted at the quality and affordability of this dress. Three dollars? Oh yes please!

(I also apologize for the shots being taken in my room! It was simply too hot to be taking forever taking shots outdoors!)

Black Babydoll Dress - Thrifted, Salvation Army (American EagleOutfitters)
Buckled Sandals - Macy's, Nine West
White Straw Purse - Thrifted, Working Wardrobes
Peacock Necklace - A gift from my jester ♥, Urban Outfitters


Sharon Rose said...

Hi there-a perfect find my dear, I love black for summer!

Rach said...

Hey! I actually tried that dress on when it was at american eagle. That was only last summer.

You got a great deal, because the dress was originally like $50