August 28, 2009

slow times in life

Life has been slow for me since the last time I updated. But in better news...I'm back!! Well, kind of anyways.

I'm heading out to my annual New York City trip next week, and I'm a mixture of thrills and cold anxiety all at once! But I'm sure the moment I'm there relaxing in the streets of Manhattan all dolled up, it will all be peachy keen again. I'm hoping to have many more outfit posts from Manhattan street-walking...or so I'm planning.

A little update on what I've been wearing out to the LA nightlife! (Psst! I'm the one on the far right!)

Top: Vintage lace corset
Skirt: Buffalo Exchange (H&M)
Belt: Working Wardrobes Thrift
Purse: Working Wardrobes Thrift
Shoes: solesruck (Steve Maddens)

August 2, 2009

Cirque 21

I've been having a rough week, so I may be a little more inactive than usual. (If that's even possible!) But here's a reason to love Forever 21...

Sorry the thumbnails are so teensy! That's the only size they really have

Their new original designs called Forever 21 Twists feature really great detail and at actual reasonable prices. The theme for this cycle is known as Cirque 21, obviously circus and child-themed. I love it! My wallet's is starting to look a lot more empty...