September 28, 2009

Thursday Sept 24th - A New Start

Oh dear, I know it's been forever since I've had an outfit post. A lot's happened since the end of July, all a mix of good and bad, but now that school's started again I really feel like I can get back on top of things!

This picture's a little blurry. Unfortunately I didn't pack my tripod so I have to make due with what I could. Also, there aren't any NYC photos since I was just caught up in the whirlwind of Fashion's Night Out and touring the city with my friends.

On that note, NYC was fantastic! It could've ended better, but Fashion's Night Out was so much great fun. Unfortunately I wasn't fully geared (fashion-wise) to be strutting out on the town, but it was amazing to really mingle with others that were dressed to impress.

I'm hoping to really stick around much much longer!

Floral Dress - Kensie / Ross
Denim Jacket - Gap
Studded Belt - my sister's closet
Boots - Working Wardrobes thrift