June 28, 2009

Spotlight On: Seychelles

Sorry for the slight inactivity. My birthday came and went as I turned 20 and the celebrations lasted a little too long. (3 days, really?) I've also been immersing myself in my newly obtained The Sims 3 game as well as having fun being free. Although a job search is in order, I'm glad my summer at the moment is going fairly well.

I am absolutely in love with Seychelles right now. They're rather out of my price range most of the time, but there's no denying the love in the air as you grab the perfect Seychelles at a discount that can't be beat. (I would have to thank Urban Outfitters for that about 40% of the time!)

Some lovely examples of Seychelles that makes summer seem so much finer. I really adore their scalloped detailing and clunky heels. Whenever I search for shoes, the heels are ALWAYS the deciding factor between a yes or a no, I just can't win with thin stiletto-like heels!

Get Outta Town - $84

First Class Ticket - $84

Teardrop Slingback - $88

Proper Etiquette Platforms - $79.99

Perforated Heels - $59.99

May Platforms - $69.99

Ankle Wrap Heels - $69.99

A girl can dream, no?

June 10, 2009

Thoughts on Turning 20

Of course, here in America you're technically an "adult" at the tender age of 21, but I always felt like 20 was monumental in its own way. As I'm nearing my own birthday a little over a week and a half away, I just really started thinking about what I've been able to accomplish and get done within the last two decades of life given to me.

It also led me to think about goals I set for myself some time back, although most have changed dramatically as interests and wants evolved. In the end I'm satisfied with how life turned out for me. A lot of opportunities have been missed and a lot of goals cut out, but perfection is not easily obtained.

I suppose these thoughts were spurred on by my move out from my room which I've lived and occupied in for the past 9 months. I embark from my settled dorm-room life into the real world, and although it's frightening I think it's about time I flew away on my own wings, no?

On another note, an unpractical birthday wish list! (Mostly because I never truly ask people for things!)

1. An external hard drive
2. Money would be delightful
3. The Sims 3
4. A nifty hat, like a REAL beret, top hat, or boater hat
5. A bunny ♥
6. A tea set

This was meant to have an outfit post, but I couldn't find an opportune time or place to take it!


June 6, 2009

I want it all!

The other day my friend had forwarded an e-mail to me concerning a Modcloth contest for bloggers. It basically asks that you wear a Modcloth-related article of clothing. Unfortunately Modcloth is way out of my poor-student budget which usually discourages my visits on the site.

However I decided to actually venture within their domain for a bit and was blown away with how jealous I am that I can't afford some of these adorable dresses and shoes! Yeah I couldn't literally buy anything with my poor budget and all, but it was great fun to just browse their wares!

Ah; luckily my birthday is coming up in a few very short weeks. Time to make a wishlist, I suppose?

Visit; ModCloth Website