February 20, 2009

Fri Feb 20th - LaceFrills

Ah not much has been going on guys. I'm seriously cutting down on the shopping and money spending. I'm still going through my intense neutral phase, so I'm wondering when I'm going to reinject some color into my wardrobe.

But I've been keeping up with the New York Fashion Week! So look forward to some inspirational slides later on.

Dress - Ross
Vest - Salvation Army
Tights - Target
Shoes - Charlotte Russe

February 13, 2009

valentine's love

Share some love on this love-filled day with Kate Spade's E-cards! They're handmade and are just adorable.

So although I'm taking this day's interpretation differently, let's all just spread and give some love to everyone.

Happy Valentine's Day ♥

February 7, 2009

Fri Feb 6th - Lace Fetishes

This darling lace dress has got to be the best spontaneous find in a thrift store! It had its tags on and everything still, and...surprise! It's from Kmart! It's actually a children's size dress, but somehow this ended up fitting me perfectly. Great find, although the winter weather covers up the best part of the dress...the sleeves!

It's been raining like crazy lately, so I've had to bundle up and stay warm in this chilly weather. I do welcome the rain though, I love the feeling of splashing through little puddles and dancing in the rain. I still ran out for a bit to have fun in the rain, and it felt amazingly liberating. I really wish lazy days could last forever, but alas they cannot. But it's always nice to dream, no?

The rain let up a bit for me to take a few more shots than normal. All without the help of a very handy tripod. (Instead I used a shoebox!)

Lace Dress - Thrifted
Vest - Vintage
Shoes - Steve Madden