June 6, 2012

The InstaBug

Thank you for everyone who has enjoyed and followed my blog so closely for so long. ClosetBug has had a great few years on it, and you guys made it all so worthwhile to have.

Unfortunately I have to end this chapter of my journey. Now that I'm moving on to graduate studies and working full time when I'm not studying, I don't have as much time dedicated to photographing myself with great effort.

 However I've moved my focus on fast and quick instagram photos that captures brief and spontaneous life moments, not to mention my outfits I wear during my adventures in the bay area and working through corporate life and fashion. Message me via tumblr or email at lacefrills@gmail.com if you're interested in doing a link exchange.

Check me out here... http://instabug.tumblr.com/

 Hope to see you around the blogosphere!