October 19, 2009

Mon Oct 19th - I'm just a child sometimes...

I'm generally pleased with how things are going in life right now. Schoolwork tends to be a little overbearing, but not so much where I'd have to tear my hair out.

How has autumn been treating everyone so far? Here in San Diego things are getting warm and bright, but unfortunately I do wish there were much more creative weather patterns than just the simple bright and consistently sunny. I dream of what it's like out in Europe, whether the chills are biting at the apples of people's cheeks or if folks are cuddling up to a warm cup of hot chocolate yet. I honestly can't wait for the weather to dip down low!

Floral Embroidered Dress - Betsey Johnson
Black Cardigan - Kimchi & Blue, Urban Outfitters
Braided Belt - Thrifted
Black Ankle Boots - Thrifted

Still trying to experiment with the lighting in my room! Bear with me as I proceed to give out poor quality outfit shots!

October 15, 2009

Wed Oct 14th - Denim Mess

How silly is it that the exact day after I start raving about my hair, it decides to really let loose and go wild with volume? Well, that's what it did today. Although it was most likely due to poor styling on my part.

As San Diego weather gets slightly chillier, with extreme emphasis on slightly since the sun still shines painfully bright, I figure it's about time to bring out the outerwear. Granted, I didn't bring my whole set back from Orange County in the process of moving, but right now I only have eyes for my lovely denim jacket from Gap. It fits me so well, the texture is soft and easy on the skin, and the dark color is just absolutely perfect. I must truly thank my sister for such a generous "give" on her part! (For you see, it was originally hers before she decided to rid of it!)

Denim Jacket - Gap
Frilly Dress - Forever 21
Heels - Ross/Dolce Vita

And as a side note, last time I will ever be wearing those heels on campus again. Miles of trekking with those heels-of-death has got me weary on such high schoes at school. I would be fine if only I were stationary most of the time, but I've been active going out and being simply outdoors!

October 13, 2009

Tues October 13th - I Turn my Camera On

Finally, an outfit post! I somewhat dressed down today, since I've been cranking out late hours just trying to get outlines done and art papers out of the way. (And have I ever mentioned how Physics will be the bane of my existence?) So weariness has become my new best friend as of late.

And should I mention how much I'm enjoying my longer hair? I haven't had my hair this long since my Junior year of High School, which was a good 4 years ago. (At which point in time I chopped it entirely off in favor of an extremely short bob.) This renewed interest in my lengthy hair comes at just the right time as I was inspired by side braids from the Spring 2010 Wang show, pigtail updos inspired by Alexa Chung, and loose chic buns. I'm anticipating its continued growth, since I'm hoping to grow it out to obscene lengths before donating to Locks of Love.

For those who noticed, my title does indeed come from Spoon's classic upbeat tune although it also has relevance as well. Here are some varieties of photos in different modes and settings. I'm trying to find my best fit!

Turtleneck Dress - Forever21
Wool Vest - Thrifted, Gap
Black Booties - Ross

October 10, 2009

ban.do the black line

School and social activities have really been eating up my time. Luckily the weather here in San Diego has stayed beautiful but still wonderfully chilly. I'm finding myself in search of perfect light sweaters and cardigans and pairing it with just the right casual dress.

My wardrobe's been looking slightly spare though. I didn't get to haul a whole lot of clothes back from Orange County, and I haven't gathered much funds for actual shopping purposes so I'm left to really be creative and recycle clothing...again haha.

No real outfit photo yet, but I ran into beautiful and inspiring headpieces from ban.do and I absolutely had to share! They're all mostly very flapper-inspired headpieces, and normally I'm not big on these styles of headbands, but they're so elaborate and elegant that I can't help but lust for them.

Come on, you guys must admit these are pretty...even if some would find it quite unwearable!