October 13, 2009

Tues October 13th - I Turn my Camera On

Finally, an outfit post! I somewhat dressed down today, since I've been cranking out late hours just trying to get outlines done and art papers out of the way. (And have I ever mentioned how Physics will be the bane of my existence?) So weariness has become my new best friend as of late.

And should I mention how much I'm enjoying my longer hair? I haven't had my hair this long since my Junior year of High School, which was a good 4 years ago. (At which point in time I chopped it entirely off in favor of an extremely short bob.) This renewed interest in my lengthy hair comes at just the right time as I was inspired by side braids from the Spring 2010 Wang show, pigtail updos inspired by Alexa Chung, and loose chic buns. I'm anticipating its continued growth, since I'm hoping to grow it out to obscene lengths before donating to Locks of Love.

For those who noticed, my title does indeed come from Spoon's classic upbeat tune although it also has relevance as well. Here are some varieties of photos in different modes and settings. I'm trying to find my best fit!

Turtleneck Dress - Forever21
Wool Vest - Thrifted, Gap
Black Booties - Ross

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Vintage said...

I love Your dress, must be comfortable... and sweet :D