December 29, 2009

so this is the new year...

As this new 2009 year is closing, I feel like it's really important to really look back on the year and see how one has grown as a person. I know for sure that a lot has happened to me in the past year.

Things seemed to have really flown by for me, it seems just like yesterday I was having my New Year's kiss in Downtown Disney, that I celebrated Valentine's Day at Disneyland, that I relaxed under the sun and sounds of music at Coachella and SunGod, and that I started a new life in my new San Diego townhome. Yet here I am at the tail end of 2009 musing over other trivial things such as how my style has changed over the year.

Although the only real change I can see is that my look seems to have refined a bit, no? However some fascinations never seem to die out. (Note the ever persistent presence of the skirt, and the unwavering silhouette!)

And with that, I hope you all had a fantastic holiday season and a happy new year!

December 3, 2009

Tues Dec 1st - Back on FashionQuarterly!

I'm so glad! Last quarter I was a part of an on-campus fashion & lifestyle magazine called Secret Scholar, and I was a print writer doing little things such as study upcoming trends and give recommendations. However, due to my time constraints I dropped out, only to rejoin again this quarter. Luckily I made it in! So although they renamed to Fashion Quarterly, it's still the same flavor and style of how it used to be. I'm currently a web writer, so it'll be very neat to write up some articles for the website.

Hopefully this is a beautiful step closer to really landing an internship in fashion journalism somewhere. Keeping my fingers crossed for the best!

Finals week is looming up, and although finals have never stopped me from doing my daily life activities...I have a feeling there will be many bummy days studying indoors and very little worthwhile outfits to post up. I'll still be around blogging up a mini storm though!

Black Coat - Forever 21 ($40)
Blouse - Urban Outfitters ($10)
Black Skirt - Buffalo Exchange ($7)
Dotted Tights - Ebay ($5)
Silver Wedges - Seychelles (???)