April 24, 2009

Wednesday April 22nd - Stripey

While most people are grinning their faces off to have summer around in their lives again, I'm as sulky as ever. The weather's warmer, but much too warm as usual for Southern California. There must simply be a place out there where perfect weather doesn't have to come at the price of something else. Yesterday, Wednesday was a fairly nice day. The sun was out and shining, but the chill winds kept you on your toes.

So I haven't worn this dress...well...ever. It has been decomposing in my closet since the day I bought it, and because I'm such a bug of the closet variety, I brought it out to try out. It was dreadfully long for my standards, so a bit of belt-play really helped with that. I ended up looking very nautical. Of course, the comfort was compromised a bit as all belts do with me, but it was still amazing to be in.

Dress - Thrifted
Sweater - Vintage, No Relation Vintage
Hairpin - H&M
Shoes - Macy's

April 22, 2009

Coachella 2009

So I went to Coachella over the weekend! Although really I only got to go on Sunday, but it was still a blast anyways! I got to see such bands as the Vivian Girls, No Age, Okkervil River, Lykke Li, Peter Bjorn and John, The Cure, and of course my all-time favourite the Yeah Yeah Yeahs. It was such a blast! I present to you pictures, as well as my own ridiculous outfit for the day!

Blouse - Thrifted
Shortalls - Thrifted
Hat - Thrifted
Purse- Thrifted
Shoes - Urban Outfitters

Lykke Li

Lykke Li with Peter Bjorn and John to perform "Young Folks"

My guys, the Yeah Yeah Yeahs. Karen O is so fabulous, no?

And that was my weekend! :) I'm hoping to be able to find time to take more outfit shots, but things have been nonstop madness for me!

April 17, 2009

Be Still My Heart....

It's a big weekend for me. Hopefully lots of things to come.

By Thread Social Designs

April 4, 2009

Fri April 3rd - Feather Preening

Spring break has come and gone, and now I'm back to finish up my second year of college. (Although "finish up" is a stretch. I've still got 10 weeks left to deal with!) I've been waiting anxiously for the whole lent thing to be over, but even without those restrictions I really shouldn't be spending money. Once again I'm headed out to New York later this year in September and I need the spare expenses to spend the entire time in a happy shopping spree!

For the school's fashion mag I've been assigned to write about upcoming summer trends. I'm trying to do some research throughout the fashion blogosphere such as The Fashion Spot and LookBook. Anyone have any suggestions for that?

My dear sweet guy Danny decided to help ease the no-shopping pains by surprising me with this lovely feathered necklace from Urban Outfitters. It was such a dear gesture and I was thrilled to open up the package and see a lovely set of peacock feathers.

Shirt - H&M
Vest - Thrifted, Salvation Army
Skirt - Urban Outfitters
Socks - Urban Outfitters
Shoes - Ross
Hat - Forever 21