November 24, 2008

Mon Nov 24th - Chills

I've been such an awful blogger lately. :( and I really wish I had the time to sit down and make more thoughtful posts. Today was actually the first day I managed to take a shot that wouldn't have involved pajama's or a half-assed outfit. School is such a menace, especially during this time of the year!

Luckily the weather here's been much cooler. There was an odd warm spell last week, which luckily disappeared some time over the weekend.

Bundling in coats and scarves always feels so...comforting. I love this warmth that hits your skin as a chill bites your cheeks. Then again, it really doesn't get too chilled in San Diego like it does in other places, but I take what I can.

Coat - MetroPark
Dress - Forever 21
Scarf - Urban Outfitters
Shoes - Urban Outfitters

November 14, 2008

Thu Nov 13th - Lace Loves

A bit of an overdue post, but I've been busy traveling and doing other random business at school.

Now that midterms are over, I have this breath of fresh air that's engulfing me and reassuring me that it's all done with. Of course, I have papers to write and other dabble to deal with, but a momentary relief is in order.

This is actually the first time I've been able to wear this lace number out despite owning it over most of summer and having it over around my closet. Generally the sleeves are very detailed and sequined in typical vintage fashion, but because I thought they may have been a little too much for this look, I just folded them inwards and went out with a "sleeveless" lace dress.

I'm still deathly in love with it. The length is perfect, the condition is AMAZING, and I got it at Salvation Army for a keen under-$10 deal. What more could I want?

Dress - Vintage, Salvation Army
Vest - Trifted, Lincoln Thrift
Shoes - Steve Madden Madalyn's, solestruck

November 8, 2008

Steve Madden Madalyn's

So the other day I got this nifty email from SoleStruck, an online shoe boutique with this great selection of shoes. They offered me this deal where I got to nab a pair of shoes, so I stopped by and got a pair of Steve Madden Madalyn's and they are fantastic!

They're absolutely lovely! They work with so many outfits in so many different ways.

Which leads to my second point. For my 100th post here at ClosetBug, I decided to do a 4-outfit photo post featuring these lovely shoes.

Outfit 1 - I actually wore this on the day of the mini-shoot. It was a nifty preppy look, and I thought I'd actually bring out a blazer I haven't touched in a couple of months.

Blazer - Thrifted
Top - Urban Outfitters
Denim - Forever 21

Outfit 2 - Wanted to play with something a little more masculine and slightly soft. It just happened to look quite business-exec in overall composition.

Romper - Forever21
Blazer - Forever21
White Top - Urban Outfitters

Outfit 3 - Romantic and Soft with a slight bit of structure. These shoes worked surprisingly well with it, I may have to really wear this out sometime!

Dress - Steve & Barry's
Vest - Urban Outfitters

Outfit 4 - I love denim jackets, so I decided to mix it up with my vintage dress from Jet Rag. It worked out fine, it's a little odd and eclectic.

Dress - Vintage (Jet Rag)
Denim Jacket - Gap

November 6, 2008

I've been branded!

Denims are probably one of my least favourite things to wear. I have to admit, sometimes its simply just too casual-chic when I want to dress up in a romantic manner or something a little offbeat and kooky. Not only that, but I have more skinny denims than anything, and after months of wearing dresses and tights and shorts having skinny denims cling so close to my calves is an odd feeling.

But despite my own aversion to denim, I took up a challenge where I had to style myself into a pair of jeans.

So I entered Painfully Hip's little side-contest for the Lucky Magazine Denim Makeover Challenge, and the most awesome webmistress Amber chose me as one of the winners for a $250 goodie bag with lots of misc. beauty products and even tic-tacs! So I giddily present my badge of honor Amber has given me....

and present to you the outfit (that I'm frankly surprised did as well as it did! Thank you so much Amber! ♪)

Hat - Forever 21
Scarf - Urban Outfitters
Blouse - Urban Outfitters
Blazer - Thrifted
Jeans - Forever 21
Heels - Michael Kors

November 4, 2008

Election Day

I know not everyone out there is an American, and some of you out there just can't vote yet.

But for all those who are able to, I sincerely hope you exercise your right to vote. Countries out there have killed for the right to vote like we have, and even if some may argue that there's "no point" or that politics "is corrupt anyways" I believe that it's still important to perform this simple task that is so thoroughly desired in some other places.

And for those who are going to, I hope you trust in your own opinions and beliefs and vote for who you want to. Don't listen to peers, media, or your parents.

That'll be all. May the best man win!