November 14, 2008

Thu Nov 13th - Lace Loves

A bit of an overdue post, but I've been busy traveling and doing other random business at school.

Now that midterms are over, I have this breath of fresh air that's engulfing me and reassuring me that it's all done with. Of course, I have papers to write and other dabble to deal with, but a momentary relief is in order.

This is actually the first time I've been able to wear this lace number out despite owning it over most of summer and having it over around my closet. Generally the sleeves are very detailed and sequined in typical vintage fashion, but because I thought they may have been a little too much for this look, I just folded them inwards and went out with a "sleeveless" lace dress.

I'm still deathly in love with it. The length is perfect, the condition is AMAZING, and I got it at Salvation Army for a keen under-$10 deal. What more could I want?

Dress - Vintage, Salvation Army
Vest - Trifted, Lincoln Thrift
Shoes - Steve Madden Madalyn's, solestruck


Fashion Therapist said...

$10??? It's adorable!

ana b. said...

You look lovely in the lace dress! I particularly like the tiers at the bottom hem. It lifts the whole thing.

Hannah said...

Gorgeous! I'm still on the look out for my perfect lace dress..

Anonymous said...

love it, im so into lace right now

christina said...

@fashion therapist - Yes! It was one of my better finds over summer. I meant to debut it earlier, but the chance never came up.

@ana - thank you! It's extremely comfortable, and the tiering makes the dress move very well.

@hannah - finding the perfect one definitely takes time, especially if its vintage. I hope you find it soon!

@emma - Thank you! I'm such a fan of lace, I can't imagine anything more romantic or perfectly girly.

Anonymous said...

It's beautiful. And you look beautiful in it!

Zoƫ said...

hey love this outfit!
love your blog too.

megan said...

I love finding dresses at the thrift store! Good find

megan /