June 21, 2010

June 3rd - lights, camera, and action

I may have mentioned this before, but my old Sony Cybershot camera decided to fall into gadget heaven right around my Coachella trip. Luckily I was graced with a new Cybershot (a more upgraded one, thankfully) as a premature present for my birthday, something I was really anticipating for a small amount of time. After much bargain hunting and Best Buy looting, not to mention a little side trip to the park by my townhouse, I finally have an outfit update for all you lovelies.

Vintage White Slip - Jet Rag Vintage $10
Vintage Floral Robe - Buffalo Exchange $4
Vintage Brown Purse - Thrift
Brown Braided Belt - Thrift
Silk Hair Clip - H&M $5

It's surprising how black this camera makes my hair look. It's really more like a dark brown, even without the sunlight. Hope you all are having a lovely June! I'll see you again after my 21st festivities!

June 17, 2010

to lust is so painful

After a magical afternoon cruising through the streets of Alhambra CA, I found myself truly experiencing the waves of a heated California summer. While I'm basking here in Orange County, I'm counting to the days when I'm back in San Diego and into the waters. I always feel so at ease in the water. Perhaps it's that feeling of freedom, of release, that sense of weightlessness that seems to be lacking in my life on land. Not that I insist on being melodramatic, but it doesn't hurt to enjoy the occasional release from even the slightest of stresses.

My 21st is creeping up soon. It's eerie how quickly this entire year passed by. It feels like yesterday that I was fresh out of my Sophmore year of college and now I'm simply a year away from leaving San Diego and onto bigger endeavors.

For a brief moment tonight, I think I'll put aside my heavy thoughts and indulge in some (slightly) painful lusting.

Zooey Deschanel by Ellen von Unwerth
Vintage-inspired one-pieces, cute little updos, and the perfect beachy eyewear

Julia Stegner by Carter Smith
Light airy neutral fabrics, beautiful updos, and ruffles

Sasha Pivovarova/Natasa Vojnovic by Craig McDean
Romantic beautiful lingerie-inspired pieces

Time for me to swimsuit shop! I can't seem to find any place with a wonderful variety of affordable vintage-inspired swimsuits. Anyone have any suggestions?