January 31, 2009

Friday Jan 30th - A Night Out

My outfit for a night out to a Vietnamese Festival! I felt like I stood out quite a bit, considering I dress in a much more unconventional manner than most Vietnamese people I know. I'm an anti-jeans girl, what can I say? But it was a very comfortable outfit. Nothing too clingy, and the night out was relatively warm so outerwear was not needed. (Wait a minute, aren't we in winter still?)

I also got accepted into The Fashion Spot! I applied for it about a month ago and I finally got word back that I'm in! I'm so excited, especially to really interact with the other people on the forum itself.

Stalking the pages of TFS would really help with an upcoming interview I have. I'm hoping to be a writer for a fashion mag at my school and I needed some sample work to present alongside my resume. So I'm hoping this will work out for the best and I can do some research over at TFS. Wish me luck!

Dress - Urban Outfitters
Blouse - Gap
Socks - JCrew
Purse - Thrifted

January 27, 2009

Mon Jan 26th - Lunar New Years

It completely slipped my mind that it was New Years yesterday! (I suppose the festivities of the weekend beforehand made me forget the actual date hehe.) I'm always thrilled to get some extra green to have around, but I'm really hoping to save it up and stop spending! My wardrobe is huge, and I really have no room for anything anymore!

But I did grab myself a pair of vintage Nine West brogues over at the Salvation Army. Their vintage-wear always end up pricier than expected, but because there was a nifty 50% off sale, I took full advantage of it. It's such a great addition to my shoe rack!

Top - Urban Outfitters
Skirt - Urban Outfitters
Thigh High Socks - JCrew
Brogues - Salvation Army, Vintage

January 24, 2009

McQ for Target

My laptop's been on the fritz again! For those who are looking into laptops, HP's are really not the way to go. Or they may be, but me and my friends who have had HP laptops all have had problems within a small time after the warranty expired. Just to let you all know!

So I got an email from Nylon that discussed the new International Line for Target. Guess whooo it is?

Alexander McQueen - McQ for Target

SO very excited! I haven't been this thrilled since Luella came in for the international line.

I was looking through all the pieces they put together and although all of them aren't really winners per se, a majority of the pieces show great promise to land in my wardrobe.

Here are some of my favourites;

♥ the whole outfit

♥ the dress; the vest

♥ the dress

♥ the dress

♥ the coat

As you can see, I'm still as much of a dress fiend as ever. I love the masculine pieces though, I don't have enough of them!

To see the entire lookbook and Nylon article, go HERE

January 8, 2009

Thurs Jan 8th - Bad Quality, Booo!!

I dressed today. Rushed around in order to get lunch before my late afternoon Bio class. Took a photo. Two hours later, I realize it's awful in quality!

I'm in need of a photographer! Who's willing to help? :)

Although in all common senses, I might as well ask one of my roommates to take it for me. Although I'm slightly sheepish to ask, in fear of coming off as "narcissistic" in some way. (I keep my little fashion exploits a gleeful secret from most people I personally know!) I've asked them before, so I guess it wouldn't be such a bad thing! Now I know that I should really invest in bringing my tripod back to San Diego next time I stop by Orange County!

Blazer - Thrifted, Lincoln Thrift
Dress - Thrifted, Salvation Army
Black Tank - Forever 21
Leggings - Ross
Heels - Macy's

January 6, 2009

Mon Jan 5th - The First Day of School

Sigh, here I am back in La Jolla ready for another quarter of tedious hell. During Winter Break all I could think about was going back to school and staying in my cozy little apartment and relaxing with all my friends...but unfortunately I take it all back once I'm actually here. All I can think about is Spring Break and not dealing with school!

So I wore this out to my first day of classes. I wanted something a little fun and of course, still a little muted. I'm really starting to dig this blazer a lot more than I used to. I really do need to bring out some of my underrated pieces and wearing them in my everyday wardrobe rather than being lazy and rehashing the same pieces over and over again. (You all know! I'm sure we've all been afflicted by lethargy at least once in our fashion lifetimes.)

And I'm getting a little more used to my reformatted computer. The interface is a little wonky, and I dislike having to redownload everything, but at least I have photoshop again. ♥

Blouse - Buffalo Exchange, Vintage
Blazer - Thrifted
Shorts - Old Navy
Tights - Target
Shoes - Macy's

January 1, 2009

happy new years!

Happy new years, everyone! Let's hope 2009 will be a great year to remember! Will I miss 2008? Kind of. It's been a year of tumultuous pros and cons, but what year isn't?

I wore this today as a pre-new years celebratory outfit. I really just raided a Salvation Army and ran some errands today. I got this really nifty blazer from Urban Outfitters, and it was a leather-lookalike jacket so I just had to have it! (And for $20, I can't really complain.) I feel like I'm due for a hairtrim soon, so I hope that comes around before I go back to school in San Diego. And stuck with this mane for another few weeks, ick.

Oh and those pumps are killer. Literally. They look terrific, but after 4-5 hours in those shoes my feet could hardly handle it. Curse you, wide feet!

Shirtdress - H&M
Black Blazer - Urban Outfitters
Black Tank - Forever 21
Liquid Leggings - Ross
Black Heels - Thrifted Ferragamo