January 31, 2009

Friday Jan 30th - A Night Out

My outfit for a night out to a Vietnamese Festival! I felt like I stood out quite a bit, considering I dress in a much more unconventional manner than most Vietnamese people I know. I'm an anti-jeans girl, what can I say? But it was a very comfortable outfit. Nothing too clingy, and the night out was relatively warm so outerwear was not needed. (Wait a minute, aren't we in winter still?)

I also got accepted into The Fashion Spot! I applied for it about a month ago and I finally got word back that I'm in! I'm so excited, especially to really interact with the other people on the forum itself.

Stalking the pages of TFS would really help with an upcoming interview I have. I'm hoping to be a writer for a fashion mag at my school and I needed some sample work to present alongside my resume. So I'm hoping this will work out for the best and I can do some research over at TFS. Wish me luck!

Dress - Urban Outfitters
Blouse - Gap
Socks - JCrew
Purse - Thrifted


ana b. said...

Congrats on the TFS membership! Any chance for you to extend an invite to lil ol' me? ;)

There's nothing better than looking different from other people. I love this dress.

erika said...

love the sheer blouse under. must get me something like that.

Fashion Therapist said...

Very cute outfit!

emma said...

great dress!

Alice Point said...

You look beautiful! Btw. how can you be an anti-jeans girl ??;) It is impossible! ;)

Lydia said...

You are part of my inspire post this week! I really like how girly everything you wear is...it always reminds me that girly really is favourite style. TFS is too sweet, I could spend hours on there...so I try not to go on!

Anonymous said...

Hello...Love your photos! Im from Singapore and I'll be going to Anaheim next week! Not quite sure of the weather there and what to pack in my suitcase! Can you help me out pls? =) Do I have to pack in warm clothes or would it be sufficient with just a jacket?



Fashion Addict said...

That is such a great outfit - I so wish I could wear something like that, but it's still very cold where I live! Congrats on getting accepted in The Fashion Spot!

Syana said...

haha I understand what you mean with "standing out".. I'm half Vietnamese and when I go to China Town they keep looking at me like I'm an Alien.

Anyway cute outfit! I'm really thinking of buying black knee socks like yours.

Good luck for becoming a writer for your school mag! xxxx

$ouLphate said...

happy belated chinese/vietnamese new year =D and congratz on the acceptation into the fashion spot =) sounds very cool! and i know taylor is young but if she found her style at this age, it's kinda a waste if she didnt wear what she wants to. don't you think..^^ xoxo

Mimi said...

Oh this outfit is awesome.I love the shoes and your bag.

Jade said...

You look great. I love every single piece you are wearing!

Laura Oceanía said...


Really nice!

I like your outfits, they look great

Love from Spain

And nice job with the blog, I'll add u to favs!

(check out mine)

christina said...

Feon - It's very warm here! Or it was the last time I was home in Anaheim. I'm thinking you should bring an essential outerwear piece for the chill nights, but the daytime is quite warm for winter! (around 70 degrees F?)

and thanks so much to everyone for their comments!

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Merily said...

This dress is really pretty :)

Isa said...

LOVE IT! you're realy pretty!

spabeachresorts said...

cute and very attractive style...

Serena said...

yay! I didn't know you are part of TFS!! That's awesome... almost as awesome as your shoes in this pic!

Anonymous said...

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