January 27, 2009

Mon Jan 26th - Lunar New Years

It completely slipped my mind that it was New Years yesterday! (I suppose the festivities of the weekend beforehand made me forget the actual date hehe.) I'm always thrilled to get some extra green to have around, but I'm really hoping to save it up and stop spending! My wardrobe is huge, and I really have no room for anything anymore!

But I did grab myself a pair of vintage Nine West brogues over at the Salvation Army. Their vintage-wear always end up pricier than expected, but because there was a nifty 50% off sale, I took full advantage of it. It's such a great addition to my shoe rack!

Top - Urban Outfitters
Skirt - Urban Outfitters
Thigh High Socks - JCrew
Brogues - Salvation Army, Vintage


styledigger said...

Cute outfit, I lobe your skirt and shoes.

mary said...

love your style! so glam :-D

Toothache and Vinyl said...

cute outfit. i love the shoes! your whole ensemble looks very 70s:)

Karafina said...

cute outfit!