January 6, 2009

Mon Jan 5th - The First Day of School

Sigh, here I am back in La Jolla ready for another quarter of tedious hell. During Winter Break all I could think about was going back to school and staying in my cozy little apartment and relaxing with all my friends...but unfortunately I take it all back once I'm actually here. All I can think about is Spring Break and not dealing with school!

So I wore this out to my first day of classes. I wanted something a little fun and of course, still a little muted. I'm really starting to dig this blazer a lot more than I used to. I really do need to bring out some of my underrated pieces and wearing them in my everyday wardrobe rather than being lazy and rehashing the same pieces over and over again. (You all know! I'm sure we've all been afflicted by lethargy at least once in our fashion lifetimes.)

And I'm getting a little more used to my reformatted computer. The interface is a little wonky, and I dislike having to redownload everything, but at least I have photoshop again. ♥

Blouse - Buffalo Exchange, Vintage
Blazer - Thrifted
Shorts - Old Navy
Tights - Target
Shoes - Macy's


Leah said...

The worst is going back and having exams at the end of the first week. Not fun at all!

I love the pastel pink shirt with the blazer. The buttons on the blazer are especially great!

$ouLphate said...

hee i like the outfit =D
especially the blazer, really need to get myself a blazer like that! and i just started school too, HATE IT -.- mind if i'd linked ya? xoxo

Lydia said...

WOW. This is very good, everything is perfect!

emma said...

love the blazer!

Antonia said...

great look! the blazer is top!