January 8, 2009

Thurs Jan 8th - Bad Quality, Booo!!

I dressed today. Rushed around in order to get lunch before my late afternoon Bio class. Took a photo. Two hours later, I realize it's awful in quality!

I'm in need of a photographer! Who's willing to help? :)

Although in all common senses, I might as well ask one of my roommates to take it for me. Although I'm slightly sheepish to ask, in fear of coming off as "narcissistic" in some way. (I keep my little fashion exploits a gleeful secret from most people I personally know!) I've asked them before, so I guess it wouldn't be such a bad thing! Now I know that I should really invest in bringing my tripod back to San Diego next time I stop by Orange County!

Blazer - Thrifted, Lincoln Thrift
Dress - Thrifted, Salvation Army
Black Tank - Forever 21
Leggings - Ross
Heels - Macy's


Antonia said...

thanks for the compliment love!

this pic is cute! love the outfit. i have a similar blazer.

i know what you mean about a 'personal photographer'. i need one too. my bf sometimes helps but only after he scoffs and rolls his eyes, lol.

we should be eachother's! :P

Lydia said...

That dress is SO lovely. This is, again, really well styled. Everything compliments each other.

ana b. said...

Hmmm i know what you mean about keeping the blog a sort of secret. I have no problem with complete strangers looking at it, and maybe my closest friends and family, but anyone else I feel iffy about. Whenever i look at it at work I always have to hide it.

i like the way you've layered that greyish-white dress.

$ouLphate said...

fellow vietnamese? i never thought u were viet too! nice to meet ya =) hmm i can understand why you want snow, but after a while it's not so fun anymore -.- it's very cold and since i don't play in the snow anymore like i used to when i was a child, i prefer the sun! and what a coincidence i really want to visit cali sometime (THIS SUMMER) haha and about keeping your blog a secret i have that too.. since a couple of days my best friend knows about it and my cousin =) now they can take the pictures for me lol (A)

Rabenschwarz said...

i like your face. it looks soo cute and the outfit too.

Sammy said...


chicisimo said...

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St. Cecilia Vintage said...

Once again...your blazer collection has me green with envy.

Style Magnet; Sara said...

Okay, I must say that you have the cutest blog name EVER IN THE HISTORY OF THE WORLD. And I love the outfit :)