January 24, 2009

McQ for Target

My laptop's been on the fritz again! For those who are looking into laptops, HP's are really not the way to go. Or they may be, but me and my friends who have had HP laptops all have had problems within a small time after the warranty expired. Just to let you all know!

So I got an email from Nylon that discussed the new International Line for Target. Guess whooo it is?

Alexander McQueen - McQ for Target

SO very excited! I haven't been this thrilled since Luella came in for the international line.

I was looking through all the pieces they put together and although all of them aren't really winners per se, a majority of the pieces show great promise to land in my wardrobe.

Here are some of my favourites;

♥ the whole outfit

♥ the dress; the vest

♥ the dress

♥ the dress

♥ the coat

As you can see, I'm still as much of a dress fiend as ever. I love the masculine pieces though, I don't have enough of them!

To see the entire lookbook and Nylon article, go HERE


emma said...

im excited for this!

styledigger said...

very androgynic- live it!

HoneyBunny said...

those are gorgeous!

Sandy said...

Fabulous selection.!! I am sooo excited to see the Alexander McQueen selection at Target.