November 8, 2008

Steve Madden Madalyn's

So the other day I got this nifty email from SoleStruck, an online shoe boutique with this great selection of shoes. They offered me this deal where I got to nab a pair of shoes, so I stopped by and got a pair of Steve Madden Madalyn's and they are fantastic!

They're absolutely lovely! They work with so many outfits in so many different ways.

Which leads to my second point. For my 100th post here at ClosetBug, I decided to do a 4-outfit photo post featuring these lovely shoes.

Outfit 1 - I actually wore this on the day of the mini-shoot. It was a nifty preppy look, and I thought I'd actually bring out a blazer I haven't touched in a couple of months.

Blazer - Thrifted
Top - Urban Outfitters
Denim - Forever 21

Outfit 2 - Wanted to play with something a little more masculine and slightly soft. It just happened to look quite business-exec in overall composition.

Romper - Forever21
Blazer - Forever21
White Top - Urban Outfitters

Outfit 3 - Romantic and Soft with a slight bit of structure. These shoes worked surprisingly well with it, I may have to really wear this out sometime!

Dress - Steve & Barry's
Vest - Urban Outfitters

Outfit 4 - I love denim jackets, so I decided to mix it up with my vintage dress from Jet Rag. It worked out fine, it's a little odd and eclectic.

Dress - Vintage (Jet Rag)
Denim Jacket - Gap


Fashion Therapist said...

What a great buy! I love the Steve and Barry's outfit best!

Maxie said...

those shoes are fantastic !
love every outfit with them

you're on my blogroll ;)

La fille from belgium

christina said...

Thank you!

And @maxie : I added you back as well! ♪


Nice outfifts!!!;)

Anonymous said...

So versatile! I love every outfit.
I've tagged you by the way!

Isabel said...

Those shoes are beauties! I need some Solestruck in my life!

muchlove said...

awesome shoes.
All the outfits are great but outfit 3 is my favourite, love the colours.

Sha said...

Ooooh you covered everything from vintage to androgynous to casual!

Love the maroon giant bow dress though :)

Bottes said...

Nice blog... Are you interesting in a link exchange with my blog ?
Bottes pas cher
Marina (from France)

Trendy Gourmandise said...

sex and the city shoes !!!

Anna-Maria said...

Love your shoes! I recently bought a very similar pair on eBay but they are black and have a bit more studs. You can check them out on my blog. I wonder if I've seen you around, I used to live in the O.C. and I'm planning on coming back next year. :)

christina said...

Thanks everyone! I'm a little eclectic in style, so yeah I do cover a lot of "looks". I tend to skip around and not have a set look, although that may be my financial downfall.

@jade: thanks! I'll get on it soon.

@bottes: sure! I've added you. :)

@anna-maria: There's a chance you may have. I live more around the Anaheim area of the OC, but I travel around everywhere in SoCal.

Isa said...

greatgreatgreat shoes!
ah, I´m jealous.

suz said...

hi christina! wow, those shoes are amazing, and I love how you pair them with your outfits :) very chic looks.
we featured you on our front page explore today since you're such an inspiration!

check it out:

hope you like it! :)

Gisselle said...

Those Steve Madden shoes are fabulous. Cute outfits.!!

beach resort and spa said...

feel that your legs gave those shoes much beauty....specially in the maroon color dress... hey at your leisure do spend some time at my blog...

Syana said...

I want those shoes so baad! I'm gonna buy them asap or I will die... they look fab on you by the way.. Now I'm hesitating between brown and black because of you!! :P


Anonymous said...

Awsome shoes! I'm thinking about buiyng the same ones, but can't deside between black or brown. Are the brown colour similar as it looks online and in reality? cause yours looks a lot brighter than other photo's i've seen. :P Or would you recommend the black ones? :P

christina said...

I'm personally a huge brown fan, just because I love brown as a shade! But if you want versatility, I would go black.

Karafina said...

love outfit 3!!! the big bow in front is awesome!

Samantha said...

i like 3 the best! you should wear it some time i'm not sure if i've seen you in it... hmmm... do it!

Anonymous said...

I love it ! Very creative ! That's actually really cool Thanks.