October 19, 2009

Mon Oct 19th - I'm just a child sometimes...

I'm generally pleased with how things are going in life right now. Schoolwork tends to be a little overbearing, but not so much where I'd have to tear my hair out.

How has autumn been treating everyone so far? Here in San Diego things are getting warm and bright, but unfortunately I do wish there were much more creative weather patterns than just the simple bright and consistently sunny. I dream of what it's like out in Europe, whether the chills are biting at the apples of people's cheeks or if folks are cuddling up to a warm cup of hot chocolate yet. I honestly can't wait for the weather to dip down low!

Floral Embroidered Dress - Betsey Johnson
Black Cardigan - Kimchi & Blue, Urban Outfitters
Braided Belt - Thrifted
Black Ankle Boots - Thrifted

Still trying to experiment with the lighting in my room! Bear with me as I proceed to give out poor quality outfit shots!


yiqin; said...

Everything in this outfit is so well put together :D

Malu said...

I love your style! Very inspiring
You have a great blog :D


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Wynne Prasetyo said...

hey you look sweet (:
thank you for the comment dear, it's flattering. ((:

Anonymous said...

that dress is adorable, so delicate :)
i love how you wore it

- jen

Anonymous said...

youre so lucky its still warm and sunny in cali! its freezing here

Talisa said...

I love your dress and your glasses!!!

$ouLphate said...

you look gorgeous! i esp love the dress ^^ hmm i would like to live where you live.. i live in europe and the weather here is just too unpredictable..=( and it rains a lot here!

Talisa said...

I love your glasses:)

ana b. said...

Such a pretty dress. I like how you've layered and accessorised it to make it less summery and more suited for cold weather.

NOW! I didn't realise you were blogging again. I'm glad you are!

workhard said...

Love the entire outfit.. its so casual yet trendy..like your ankle boots the best

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