October 10, 2009

ban.do the black line

School and social activities have really been eating up my time. Luckily the weather here in San Diego has stayed beautiful but still wonderfully chilly. I'm finding myself in search of perfect light sweaters and cardigans and pairing it with just the right casual dress.

My wardrobe's been looking slightly spare though. I didn't get to haul a whole lot of clothes back from Orange County, and I haven't gathered much funds for actual shopping purposes so I'm left to really be creative and recycle clothing...again haha.

No real outfit photo yet, but I ran into beautiful and inspiring headpieces from ban.do and I absolutely had to share! They're all mostly very flapper-inspired headpieces, and normally I'm not big on these styles of headbands, but they're so elaborate and elegant that I can't help but lust for them.

Come on, you guys must admit these are pretty...even if some would find it quite unwearable!


Tea For Two said...

They are very delicate and pretty, you'd have to pick your night to wear one. I'd probably try to do it with something ludicrous like a wrestling t-shirt and some docs, hah!

That big black neck bow though? That thing is magnificent. I need it..

beckyxoxo said...

wow i just love wearing headbands these days . they're just pretty and erfect for our head . haha . thank you for sharing these lovely pics !

Malu said...

Great blog:D



$ouLphate said...

it sure is pretty! it has a romantic feel to it i like it =D

JadeRose said...

Thanking you muchly for the inspiration. I have melbourne's spring racing carnival coming up and have been pouring through magazine after magazine for hat/fascinator inspiration. Had I known to come straight to this post I would have saved myself hours!! :)