October 15, 2009

Wed Oct 14th - Denim Mess

How silly is it that the exact day after I start raving about my hair, it decides to really let loose and go wild with volume? Well, that's what it did today. Although it was most likely due to poor styling on my part.

As San Diego weather gets slightly chillier, with extreme emphasis on slightly since the sun still shines painfully bright, I figure it's about time to bring out the outerwear. Granted, I didn't bring my whole set back from Orange County in the process of moving, but right now I only have eyes for my lovely denim jacket from Gap. It fits me so well, the texture is soft and easy on the skin, and the dark color is just absolutely perfect. I must truly thank my sister for such a generous "give" on her part! (For you see, it was originally hers before she decided to rid of it!)

Denim Jacket - Gap
Frilly Dress - Forever 21
Heels - Ross/Dolce Vita

And as a side note, last time I will ever be wearing those heels on campus again. Miles of trekking with those heels-of-death has got me weary on such high schoes at school. I would be fine if only I were stationary most of the time, but I've been active going out and being simply outdoors!


beckyxoxo said...

that dress is so lovely with the ruffles :) and i love your shoes ! :D

Isabel said...

Oh, I just love that dress! It reminds me of a layer cake - I;ve actually been looking for a skirt similar to that for ages.

yiqin; said...

Super hot shoes <3

Antonio Barros said...

Adorable outfit!!!

Lovely blog! I will start to follow you!