June 6, 2009

I want it all!

The other day my friend had forwarded an e-mail to me concerning a Modcloth contest for bloggers. It basically asks that you wear a Modcloth-related article of clothing. Unfortunately Modcloth is way out of my poor-student budget which usually discourages my visits on the site.

However I decided to actually venture within their domain for a bit and was blown away with how jealous I am that I can't afford some of these adorable dresses and shoes! Yeah I couldn't literally buy anything with my poor budget and all, but it was great fun to just browse their wares!

Ah; luckily my birthday is coming up in a few very short weeks. Time to make a wishlist, I suppose?

Visit; ModCloth Website


Erica said...

These dresses are all so charming! I am completely enamoured with the strapless black and the pretty pink/white next to it. After seeing this I'm definitely going to give their site a browse.

Damsels said...

those are all great boots there!
We were Damsels thanks for commenting we really appreciate it

Tea For Two said...

Modcloth is so gorgeous but it's so painful to browse on there when you don't have the cash!

Anonymous said...

I love it ! Very creative ! That's actually really cool Thanks.