May 8, 2008

Thrifting + Spotlight

I picked up some interesting finds today at the local thriftstore on campus. Vintage Laura Ashley floral dress, a nifty leopard print high waisted skirt, and this gorgeous silk and bright blue secretary dress. All for only $8.50!! I couldn't be happier with my finds, especially since I was in need of a floral dress. (It needs alterations, but that's not really a problem.) I love stopping by there of all places, it seems like the perfect place for all the older ladies on campus to ditch their 70's-80's gear.

However, a point came up when I started showing my friends the clothes I found. There were some slight stains on the silk dress that I told them that I needed to wash out. As soon as they saw it, they started freaking out and covered their noses and refused to touch anything. I was a bit appalled by their disbelief at thrifted clothes, to be honest it takes a lot of work just to get them to step INTO one.

It took me a small argument to tell them the worth of these amazing clothes I found, and although they still aren't believers, thrifted fashion came into mind as I was searching through some spotlight potentials at wardrobe_remix, and decided to show that you can look great in thrifted and vintage clothing.


The Queen of Fifty Cents said...

Those are fabulous finds! You might point out to your friends that just because a garment is in a retail store doesn't mean it hasn't been on anyone else's body, or even worn. There certainly are people who wear things and then return them to the store. Keep finding your great deals--your friends are just jealous! ;o)

fashion* CHALET said...

Oh yes, my Mom and I do it as a sort of bonding thing. We both love it and are great at it too. ;-)