May 2, 2008

Runway Loves

I haven't been able to check out all of the newest season's outfits, but I did get to check some out and there are some really fantastic pieces this season, from various designers as well. (It's a pity that I would never really be able to afford these, but it's great inspiration for future outfits.)

Wunderkind - I absolutely love this coat. It has this really masculine, military feel, but has these really subtle girly tones with the detailing on the bottom. And the colors make it so versatile if paired with something more colorful and playful.

Wunderkind - How can you not love this?! The colors on this dress is to die for, it's complimented well with dark neutral tights and shoes, AND THE DRESS IS MULTI-TIERED. I'm just an absolute sucker for tiered dresses like these, and especially the sweet peekaboo blue.

Y & Kei - I really like the general styling of this outfit. The printed skirt with the fur vest paired with tights and a belt.....its kind of cluttered but not so much since it's generally so bold in colors.

Vivienne Tam - The floral print won me over. The collar gives it a slight oriental feel, but it's paired together with tights and boots so casually that it's just so chic.

Luella - Must have the skirt. MUST have it. The high waist, the buttons, the pattern and just works in every way.


yiqin; said...

Ohyes, I am having a skirt fetish lately & that skirt from Luella is definitely a MUST HAVE!

ed said...