May 14, 2008

Photography Inspirations

I've been browsing through some entries at foto_decadent and I came across some beautiful shots done by Nico. I love her works, and I wanted a share a few that I thought was especially inspirational.

There is something amazing and gentle about the first two photos. So vulnerable, and gentle. I also love how the garment was addressed, where the white garment is in a black and white photo, enhancing its beauty even more.

And two shots from an especially breathtaking photoshoot of Clemence Poesy by Ellen von Unwerth

Although she tends to use this "look", I still love the art direction on this. The red lips just "pop" and look amazing, and the chill atmosphere is gorgeous. I would love to work the red lips, although I wouldn't pull it off well.

I've been meaning to update Closetbug@Ebay for some time now, although I haven't taken photos nor measurements. However, I do have a special project in the works to promote it. Keep an eye out!

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