May 27, 2008

Ipod Disaster!!!

My iPod 80 gig is a mess. Ever since I got it updated with new software, it's been wonky and I've had to reset it to factory settings 4 times in the last month. Sucks for me since I have to reload it again and again with about 10 gigs worth of music and 4 worth of videos and pictures. Although the video part is what really messes it up.

So, I'm planning on bringing it over to the iPod store and having them check it out. I got it really recently, in late January actually, so I don't expect it to be breaking down anytime soon. I'm pretty angry about it, actually, especially since it's such a hassle.

Anyways, here's an especially interesting video. I love the art direction of this video, mixed with the amazing music, and the especially stylish individuals in it.

The Teenagers - Homecoming

...yeah I really want to go out and get suspenders, cute little shorts, and a really nice frilly blouse.


Vivian said...

I'm experiencing the same problems too! It's so aggravating. For some reason, my videos won't sync with the iPOD even though some of them were in there before. I've restored it and converted it again but the crap still won't sync! It just kicks me out of iTunes. x(

Let me know what they tell you when you get it checked!

closetbug said...

That's exactly what happens to my iPod!! Videos that I've put on it before suddenly corrupt my 'pod, although it used to be on it before. Very odd. :(