May 20, 2008

Making Something New

I've been bored with my jewelry lately. I feel like I've worn them all a million times, or I stopped caring for them, which is really tragic since I do have a lot of necklaces and earrings of various sorts.

Lately, due to sheer boredom and the want to have my hands active while I watch Arrested Development obsessively, I've been tinkering with misc. bits of my jewelry. (Mostly put together with super glue and awkward bending of the wires.) I haven't really made much, but I thought I'd share my recent tinkerings.

A faux pearl bracelet with misc. bits of more faux pearls, gems, and a really nifty spot where there's a feater with a small bird pendent and a wing pendent. I'm in love with it! Especially with the feather.

Superglued a large gold disk-shape earring onto a bobby pin, attached on a small beaded droplet, and called it a day. It looks large and pretentious, but I absolutely love it in my hair. It's a great accessory, although it's a very prominent one. (I would wear it by itself, anything else would be much too excessive.)

Been wearing this the past two days ever since I first made it. I love it!! The feathers used to be from earrings, and I took the hooks off and glued them onto a bobby pin, and then glued on a small faux pearl in order to cover up the golden parts a bit. It looks absolutely subtle yet feminine when placed on the side. It's my favourite of the batch!!

I have more jewelry at home, and for some things I would need a hot glue gun. But right now, I'm quite satisfied with what I've got.


yiqin; said...

Wow, I love the last one! I have always wanted to be a feather on my head!

karla said...

that's so creative :) love the feather hair accessory. Been meaning to make some sort of feather headband, however I never quite get around to it. awesome post!