May 25, 2008

Happy Memorial Weekend!!

I'm having a relatively enjoyable time here in SoCal. The weather's been gloomy, and the rain in San Diego on Friday was a killer. This allowed for a conveniently comfortable tee and jeans outfit, alas my laptop died on me and I forgot my charger, so updates on outfits and ebay listings will come at a later time when I'm back in SD. I've taken all the shots I've needed, and I love how cooperative my friend Kim is as a model.

UrbanOutfitters is having an online and in-store memorial day sale, and I though it'd be interesting to list some goodies that they'll have available. (Not necessarily on sale though.) However, I thought I'd concentrate on some especially adorable furnishing pieces, since me and my friends were able to nab two of the best apartments on campus, and unlike the dorms...WE GET OUR OWN ROOM. It will be such a great change from sharing a room with two other people, and having a nice living room to share with only 3 others, instead of 14. So here are some highlighted pieces from UO's site.

Will have more....relevant updates later on? I'm excited to post up the ebay listings as well as my outfit from two days ago.

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