May 2, 2008

Post #6 Fri May 2nd

I was considering wearing a nice spring dress today, considering it was such wonderful warm weather. But at the last minute decided to throw on my suspenders and a blouse. I'm not sure which would've been more comfortable to be honest, since I absolutely love feeling comfortable in my clothes, but this served well.

Seeing as how I came back home to Orange County for the weekend, my brother teased me for looking like one of those Fraulein people out in the hills. I loved the overall look though, I had no problem walking out with it.

Sorry for bad image quality, conditions at my house weren't at the most....satisfactory considering the bad lighting and impossible privacy.

Blouse - Thrifted
Suspender Shorts - Free People @ Ebay
Socks - Target
Jazz Shoes (unpictured, but present in spirit) - Cathy Jean
Necklace - Forever 21

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Wendy said...

Rocking those suspender shorts I see! You look so good.