May 12, 2008

Mon May 12th - the dress of my dreams

I had a gift card available for Forever 21, and I thought it'd be about time to spend it on something useful. So I went shopping over the weekend and I thought it'd be nice if I would browse around and find something nice. I was originally planning on getting the Luella-inspired floral skirt that's been seen around, but decided last minute to get this gorgeous little frilly floral printed dress. It fits like a dream, and I love how light it feels.

Dress - Forever 21
Vest - Forever 21
Sweater - Urban Outfitters
Shoes - mom's hand-me-down

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Newbestobsession said...

Really like your blog and style! You seem like a small girl to me, how tall are you :)? Could be my eyes deceiving me, though. I really like your style!