June 19, 2008

Thu Jun 19th - Umm....

I haven't really had an outfit post in a while. To be honest, I haven't really been going out as much due to my room-move to my sister's old room. WOW, it's surprising how many articles of clothing I actually own. I put a lot aside for "storage" purposes, and I was a little shocked and slightly disgusted (at myself, for putting these away) at all the clothes I own from Urban Outfitters and Forever21 that I'm just shunting aside.

Anyways, I've been thrifting like mad the past few days. Some admittedly for me, some others for ebay once I get this batch finished up. A lot more shoes this time around, and one especially adorable. Off-white little heels with this adorable bow-tie clip on. Yet once again I can't fit into it, but I guess it's a lot better for my wallet.

So what I wore today. Very boring and plain, and my face is oddly creepy-looking. I just went thrifting and out to brunch with an old friend of mine.

Vest - Vintage
ButtonUp - Forever 21
Tank - Thrifted
Cords - Urban Outfitters
Brown Flats - Thrifted


yiqin; said...

You always look so good in vests :) & the brown flats are amazing.

Anonymous said...

ahh i'm loving the color scheme to this. :) the vest gives it a nice touch.

Sharon Rose said...

This is a cute vest!!


I LOVE the tones in this outfit. Great styling.


Wendy said...

I love this outfit, the vest looks good.

Anonymous said...