June 17, 2008

A Quick Flash Through Fashion - the early 90's!

I can't say I necessarily grew up in the 90's. I mean, if by "growing up" you could say I was glued onto the TV screen watching cartoons and dabbling in money-consuming children's hobbies, but alas I wasn't quite aware of the fashion and stylings of the the era when I was actually LIVING it.

I do recall taking a peek at those silly yet sinfully addicting shows such as Beverly Hills 90210, or even better, Saved by The Bell. I also recall admiring my sister for her somewhat obnoxious yet delightfully 90's attire as she would trot off to spend her high school days in an era where fashion can be extremely under appreciated. So to relive the older days where I was more unawares, I took a look at some nostalgic yet delightfully tasteful (in a rather gaudy way) era of fashion.

These are only early 90's picks, just because one post for one decade of fashion and evolution would just be a killer.

Saved By the Bell
I have to admit, watching Saved By the Bell again was what inspired me to think of the early 90's. Their use of prints, layering, and obnoxious silhouettes was what really made my mind start thinking.

The denim jacket is so very hip. And the print is gaudy, excessive, yet delightfully fun and totally 90's. I know this has been said and done a million times, but it just flashes M.I.A. in my brain when I think of these prints.

I'm also really liking Kelly's high waisted skirt, belt, and floral top mix. Casual, yet very retro.

Beverly Hills 90210
I'm going to be frank. I am absolutely dreading the spinoff. I seriously doubt it can be nearly as cheesy as the original was. I still recall being seriously confused every time I watched this, but that was what was delightful about it.

The off-shoulder floral dress is a must have. I've been scouring through thrift stores in order to find something like that, although possibly not nearly as skin-tight. (I'm not a size 2, thank you.) But with the right amounts of jewelry paired over stirrup leggings or even by itself, it would look so very hip.

Family Matters
Who can seriously exclude Urkel when you think of fashion?

Extreme influence in nerd chic culture. I'm seriously inspired.


Nay'Chelle said...

Great fahsion flash! I was seriously considering dressing up in the spirit of Steve Urkel today, but then realized I didn't own any suspenders.

Sharon Rose said...

Excellent post-it is very easy to forget the 90s as a fashion era, but you've showcased some very inspirational fashion trends-nice one!!

yiqin; said...

Awesome post! I love the last picture :D

Anonymous said...

nice observation! i really like urkel's outfit, what a fashionista rocking the suspenders.

Diana said...

OMGoodness, some of that stuff was super cool back then I don't know if I coud ever wear any of it, but Urkel was rocking some cool shoes! I want a pair of saddle shoes.

NICOLE said...

this is quite hilarious... i just did an urkel blog a couple days ago!! great fashion minds think alike lol

Danz said...

Haha I loved these shows when I was younger! I gotta say, at that time, I wasn't even nearly thinking about fashion when I watched them. Looking back though, there are definitely some looks that can be adapted into current styles. I remember wanting suspenders a while ago but I completely forgot about that, I might just have to search around again!

Marina Hermanovna said...

just like U I love finding inspiration in nerd culture lately.

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Photi said...

I luv 90's fashion, and American TV from then really displayed the best of it!