June 25, 2008

Songspirations - Nico's "These Days"

The previous meme really inspired me to figure out outfits based on songs. It's not exactly the most original idea, but I really liked playing around with the idea.

Currently this week, aside from the 7 I listed, I've been playing Nico's cover of "These Days" as of late, from The Royal Tenenbaums soundtrack. The song itself can be found here...


Whenever I hear it, I think of this beautiful setting where Nico's hauntingly romantic voice drifts over an empty grassy field. It's dark, it's mellow, but it's still got this flair of a brooding damsel. Which brings me to ideas for two outfits, both relatively monotoned and a little dismal, but still very romantic with frills and lace being the main focus.

Charm bracelets, bows, flowers, lace, it all comes together into two looks of subtle excess. Hope you all are inspired!


Sharon Rose said...

This is a lovely set-the dress is especially lovely!!

The Glam Slam said...

What a pretty collection you've assembled! I especially LOVE the dress in the middle. And what a creative way to get dressed!

Danz said...

I love it! The dress, the charms, the socks, the flower headband....soooo cute!

ed said...

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