June 28, 2008

Sat Jun 28th - Lightspeeeeed Champion!!!

If you had caught me mentioning this in my previous few posts, I did indeed see Lightspeed Champion in concert for my birthday! Now, who is Lightspeed Champion? He is Dev, the previous drummer for the UK band Test Icicles. (Although Test Icicles were loud, screamy, and crazyfun, Dev is more mellow, my heart is broken, and swayingfun.)

I purchased this rather overpriced tee from his merch stand. I love the crazy childish doodles and plaid prints and I couldn't wait to wear it! Fast forward to today, where I finally decided to dress it up in a denim vest (thrifted for only .95 cents!!) and a little bandage skirt.

Although by far my favourite part of the outfit would be the shoes. Michael Kors shoes at Ross! I didn't think it was possible. Now, they were more pricey than their other regular shoes, but at a keen $23 I couldn't refuse. I had not been inside a Ross before that moment in months, and now I'm back often to scour the shoe racks for more rare treats!

Tee - Lightspeed Champion concert
Denim Vest - Thrifted
Bandage Skirt - Urban Outfitters
Shoes - Michael Kors @ Ross
Purse - Thrifted


Sharon Rose said...

This is a really cool outfit-so stylish!!

yiqin; said...

The vest was sucha steal! Test Icicles is sucha cute name! :D & I LOVE your michael kors shoes! Michael kors have amaznig shoes!

Big Daddy said...

very very cute love the shoes!

Wendy said...

Sweet denim vest! And Ross does have those reoccurring shoe gems.

Times of Glory said...

Coolest outfit comes from a simple yet stylish match - that's you! Totally great! Yes, the shoes are amazing!

Anonymous said...

lovely! give me your demin vest! that is such a great find.

Lorituela said...

I love your blog, so I decided to include a picture of you in my inspiration board.
I hope you don't mind. If you mind just let me know and I get if off.

Love from Spain,