June 20, 2008


Decided to do a quickie spotlight from what I've seen at wardrobe_remix. The results were considerably awesome.

From Left to Right : Anja Louise Verdugo, hounddesign, nemrešpobjećodnedjelje

#1 - There is something just charming about the top with the skirt. Everything is so girly, it just makes me want to puke with cute. I love it! Especially floral print, as I've been just mad for it lately. With t-straps? Yes please.

#2 - The first thing that hits you in the face would be the skirt. Buttons, pockets, sunny summery blocks of colors, what's not to love? Although for me, the limelight has been pretty much stolen by the white top. Love the detailing in it!

#3 - I saw her and immediately I was smitten by her laidback get up. It's unconventional, which I love, and believe it or not...she made those shoes herself! I'm thoroughly impressed.


Diana said...

Hi darling. She made those shoes herself wow. I really like the yellow skirt, I love skirts like that, but not on me, I'm really short. Probably couldn't get away with it.

Isa said...

oh, they are so inspirational! I love that geeky feel about the glasses, I really need to get my hands on those!
amazingly picked!

Danz said...

They all have great style! I love the colorblock skirt in the middle!

Sharon Rose said...

These are great looks!!

yiqin; said...

I think wardrobe remix is one of my best sources of inspiration!

Lydia said...

sweet picks, they are all so amazing!

i like your style, do you want to trade links?

Danz said...

hey christina, I tagged you! Check out my blog for the details :)

Diana said...

You got tagged! I got tagged by Fatal Attraction 2 Fashion. You can participate or not, tag seven others and let us know what seven songs you're listening to.

Anonymous said...