June 13, 2008

Fri Jun 13th - Unlucky?!

Now that I'm finally home in OC, I thought I'd crash by some local thrift stores. As I was browsing through Salvation Army for any tibits, one of the workers announced that it was Friday the 13th today! Although he did it in a way where he was able to announce the extra 50% off clothing hehe. I ended up just getting a cute red sidepurse, but it was still a little magical in the end.

I feel like moving back to OC is like getting reacquainted with society. I went through Target and somehow felt like it was so foreign! It was also my first real glimpse at the Rogan line for Target....which I don't exceptionally care for.

White Sleeveless Blouse - Urban Outfitters
Blue Sweatervest - Forever 21
Grey Cords - Urban Outfitters
Black Oxfords - Macy's


Danz said...

cute outfit, love the cords :) you're on chictopia, aren't you? well lemme know if you'd like to trade links.

yiqin; said...

You are always looking so good in vests! I wish I can :(

Sharon Rose said...

Hi there!! I love your outfit and today I'm wearing my gap skinny black cords-they're so comfy aren't they!!

Danz said...

I just added you! Enjoy the rest of your weekend dear :)