August 1, 2008

Fri August 1st - F21 Does it Again

Sorry for my lack of updates lately. I've been really busy trying to sort things out in my life, and taking photos of my outfits just wasn't my highest priority.

I was actually able to go shopping yesterday in an actual retail store. I feel like I haven't been in F21 in so long, although I'm sure it wasn't as long as I may have thought. I didn't expect to really enjoy or buy anything, but two dresses just caught my eye and I couldn't resist. (I'm turning into a genuine dress fan! Good-bye to my jeans indeed.)

There was a nice sale going on in the surrounding Salvation Army stores, so I decided to go and pick up some things for me. I ended up getting denim patch shortalls, a sweet little country dress, a floppy straw hat, this vintage black chain purse, a button up short sleeve, a floral embroidered cardi, and this black lacy frilly top. I'm so excited to wash them and try them on!

Dress - Forever 21
Denim Vest - Thrifted
Boots - Vintage Ebay
Accessories - F21, Mexico


yiqin; said...

You always wear your vests so well :) <3 the dress! & yes, f21 has lots of nice things!

Sharon Rose said...

Great buys-you look lovely!!

Diana said...

Cool you went on a shopping spree! I love F21. Thanks for the info. on the comic heros, I won the logo contest!!

Gabby said...

That dress is so cute on you!! I love floral patterns. Your hair is looking lovely as well.

christina said...

@Qin - Hahaha, you know I never noticed how much I overwork the vests in my wardrobe until you mentioned it. Now I might get a little paranoid!

@Sharon - Thank you so much!

@Diana - Haha, you're welcome on the info thing. I'm kind of a nerd about it. AND, CONGRATS on the logo contest! You must be so thrilled!

@Gabby - Thank you! And you know, I actually cut my hair about a week ago and it actually looks horrible most of the time I think.

*Romeo% said...

Love the Jacket! it's hot.