August 9, 2008

Photog Session

My friend Vivian came over today to help me model and take photos of my batch of ebay materials. It was really nice catching up with her again since I haven't seen her in a while, and our adventure taking photos today was even more fun!

I wanted to take all of the photos at an abandoned railroad track, since there's a huge section of it cutting across various areas by my house. So me and Vivian packed up our stuff and headed out. It was a little shady admittedly, since the closest we were able to park was by a liquor store. There were also a few bums here and there, which wasn't a problem until a few of them sauntered over to our "shoot" and started watching us. It wouldn't have been so bad if the area were more....populated? But like I said, it was abandoned and we were actually changing in the bushes so the rest of the shots were then taken back in my front yard.

Although it didn't go entirely as planned, it was still fun anyways. Here are some group shots me and Viv decided to take together, and a few shots of pieces that I'm throwing onto ebay.

Haha, this last photo made me laugh so hard.
with a 10sec timer, I still couldn't scramble into place in time and still pose properly. A tribute to the failure of timers!

Here are some things that I planned on throwing onto my ebay account sometime tomorrow.

Vintage pink party dress, floral high waist shorts with vintage cathy jean loafers, vintage polka dot dress, and finally a leopard print body suit. I'm very excited to finally share them with everybody!


Sharon Rose said...

Hi there-what a fabulous time, posing for the camera!! Great things for ebay, good luck with the selling! I love this last outfit-it should be kept!!

Fashion Fille said...

this looks fun!

Mimi said...

The photos look great and seems like you had a lot of fun.Your clothes are great and I want so many of your items.

Liv/e in Both Senses said...

Wow, I have lots of faves in these photos...I LOVELOVELOVE the top and tail photo, so simple, but just perfect. That soft pink dress also looks gorgeous, I like the stark contrast between tough, old, worn fence and the daintiness of the dress. It's stunning

Renée Sturme / said...

I planned on buying the floral shorts, but missed them (only three seconds after the auction's finished)... Too bad.