August 18, 2008

Flashback to the 60's & 70's

Been so busy lately, I apologize for the lack of real updates. To be honest I've been pretty drained of inspiration and motivation in my outfits as of late. But I'm hoping this week will look up!

On Wednesday I was able to stop by a vintage spot named Jet Rag over by La Brea in LA. It was pretty awesome, wall to wall affordable bits of vintage pieces from all sorts of decades. I nabbed myself about 3 dresses and a top for about $75, which isn't too bad. That's less than $20 per dress, and the top was only $12!

I really do have to thank Painfully Hip for the link to this wonderful collection of photos from the trends of the 60's and 70's. I spent hours this night looking through the images and daydreaming of such tumultuous and exciting times.

This definitely called for an inspiration board....again. I couldn't help but juts fall in love with everything. Even my typical skepticism for platforms and extremely high boots have been demolished in light of these images.

The site can be found HERE. Enjoy if you have some spare time!


Sharon Rose said...

Well done on your finds-they sound fabulous!! love the board too!

Anna Shapiro said...

Oh I love Thats.

The 60s were amazing as far as i know.
I honestly wish i could live then.

In fact,
I envy my TEACHERS, for growing up in that era
thats quite sad.


I feel your pain honey! Ive bee so busy and slightly uninspired as well:/ Great link! Love the pic of Cher in those incredible tights!


Alice Point said...

Thanks for your kind words:) I am adding you to my blog roll:)


The Redheaded Bandit said...

some of those sunglasses are amazing!!!

Isa said...

this is so great! I´m just back from very busy days and this truly makes me want to sit down and just drown in the feeling of free spirit and inspiration!


Danz said...

Amazing collage - a feast for the eyes of fashion lovers! I'll definitely be checking out that site, thanks!

Danz said...

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