August 23, 2008

Tues Aug 19th - Funny Faces

This has been a longggg overdue post. I left my camera at my friend's house after some barbecue fun on Tuesday, and really didn't get it back until recently.

As for the day itself, it was awfully fun. I love mulling about with old friends, and it's always nice to dress up a bit for any old occasion. Although I didn't want to look too dressy, so I ended up throwing together my chucks with my look for a more casual twist. I have to admit, I will be wearing them much more often, I forgot how comfortable they could be!

Dress - Forever21
Tights - Urban Outfitters
Shoes - ???
Purse - Thrifted


Leah said...

I have to say a fabulous outfit! You look lovely. I love mixing in converse because, as you said, they dress stuff down a little & of course, they are comfy!

Anonymous said...


Gabby said...

That dress is freaking amazing!

City elegance said...

I love your dress!

Sharon Rose said...

A great way to wear the converses, I must give it a go with a dress-you look great!!

Isa said...

you´re such a minx.
I always love seeing converses combined in a quirky way, personally I never tried them, I´m such a no-sneakers girl (are they even sneakers?..).
anyways, you look darling!

yiqin; said...

You are so adorable! I love all of oyur bags & the dress is amazing! I love the ruffles & patterned tights look so good on you :)