August 8, 2008

Must love Cabaret

So on one of my boring mornings where I didn't have much to do, I somehow found myself venturing into the Wikipedia page of Liza Minelli. (Admittedly, this spontaneous act of interest was a mix of influences from Family Guy jokes and Arrested Development cameos.)

From there I was able to find myself on google, searching for random pictures of her role in Cabaret. I just happened to be stunned by the bold features that Minelli was infamous for in these photos. The long prominent lashes, the ruby red lips, her jet black helmet hair, and of course the black sleek outfit of a Cabaret girl. There also happened to be amazing images of Marlene Dietrich as her role in The Blue Angel and Amanda Lear posing a la Blue Angel in another photo as well.

Excited by this newfound influence that was obviously much more dramatic than usual influences, I dug through my closet and found a curiously whimsical black lace top with a frilly tutu-esque frill and a corset-fit bustier. All I was missing is the bowler cap, which Forever 21 conveniently had at my last visit. (Although the purchase was not done. For $16, a bowler cap needs to be thought on.) Although very over the top, I would love to go out strutting like a Cabaret girl.


Sharon Rose said...

A great post, very inspiring!!

yiqin; said...

I love over the top outfits too! It is just so much more fun. Hahaha