July 27, 2008

Project Runway Recap --- SPOILERS

If you haven't seen any of the first two episodes of Project Runway yet, please skip this post! I would hate to spoil anything for you guys.

Project Runway - Episode 1
I have to say, considering the availability of all the products and the amazing results that came up in Season 1.....these designer's were a bust. A lot of them lacked originality while still maintaining a great look. And the amount of tableclothes being used was obscene. I wonder if it occurred to any of the designers who used them that using it would be the easiest way of getting a dress thrown together?

Hits - Although the dresses aren't exceptional, I do admit that these two by designers Emily and Jennifer were at least relatively visually appealing. Although the huge green collar of Emily's dress is a bit of a stretch, I can't deny that a large collar on such a simple silhouette + skinny belt would be adorable paired with the high boots. Jennifer's sweet and simple design with multi-tiered ruffles isn't much out of the ordinary, but it's extremely wearable and the kisses add a little playful touch.

Misses - Pattern overkill, much? Suede and Joe tried to really work with the materials given, and I absolutely detested the overuse of the patterns on the eye. Not only that, but Suede's dress had an awful silhouette; she looked like a lego-woman. Joe's skirt was awful, and although he created an interesting pattern I would've liked to see a bold skirt with a creative design to offset the heavy patterns of the bodice. And don't even get me started on Blayne's piece. Blue shoulder pads and an awkward white furry thing on the crotch. Unsexy.

Project Runway - Episode 2
I literally freaked out and flipped shit when I saw Natalie Portman guest judging. I adore her so much, and seeing her there was exciting for me. I do notice a trend in how Blayne is trying so hard to get "girlicious" started. (The next wannabe Christian Siriano?) It's rather irritating, and I'm honestly just waiting for someone to say something about it. It's painful.

Hits - Although I'm still unimpressed with the work these designers have put out, I really enjoyed these three dresses the most. Blayne's pink asymmetrical dress has a great party quality to it. Add in some Lamé black tights, some trashy 80's makeup and accessories and you've got yourself instant outfit. The other two are mediocre in dress quality (to be honest, Leanne's satin dress didn't rub me right in terms of material, but the design was clever I thought) but the styling was just too adorable to not mention. Jennifer's sweet Grecian inspired look caught my eye, as well as the Peter-Pan styling of Leanne's model.

Misses - I cannot be the only one who thought Jerrell's dress had terrible fit? The eastern Persian influence is beautiful, making me reminisce of Ingres's Grand Odalisque, but the fit and the actual styling of the model herself was terrifying for me. Korto's odd idea of the dress looking more "inside-out" didn't appeal to me either and had no real connection to the African-Queen image the model seems to be portraying.

Maybes - Suede's and Terri's were merely a maybe. Suede's use of the tutu and the silhouette was nifty, but I'm skeptical of the fact she looked like an apple pie on top. Terri's had a gorgeous collar and a nice cinched belt, but I guess I would've preferred it to look a little edgier.


Danz said...

I'm pretty disappointed with this season's designers as well! All the male designers seem so arrogant and none of them seem very original or creative! All talk and no action so far.

The supermarket challenge was horrible for the most part...seriously, why did they think tablecloths were the best way to go?!?!

The second challenge was a little more interesting. I liked the orange and grey dress you mentioned here and a few others. I hated all the super short satin dresses though, especially the brown ones.

Hopefully the next episode will show some improvement.

Take care and enjoy your day :)

The Redheaded Bandit said...

yes, u did a fabulous job of putting the hits and misses in their correct places. <3 ur blog.

sydneydoll said...

project runaway is such a good concept.

it was destined to be a hit.

Diana said...

I saw the episode where they made things from the super market, I liked the yellow dress with the vegetables on it, I thought it looked very elegant of course if it was made of fabric.

Jimena said...

The misses on these two episodes were serious misses!

christina said...

Thanks for the comments, everyone! I'll be sure to catch tonight's episode and evaluate the outfits tonight.

@Diana - Oh, it was really pretty indeed! I don't think I would've worn it personally, but I loved the use of the collar.