July 10, 2008


Jeez, I've been so awful with the updating lately. I do apologize for that.

But during the past few days I've been really interested in looking through old photos of Native Americans and Hawaiians. I feel like there's something about these photographs that's just so hauntingly beautiful in a way that western cultures can't quite grab. And what they wore, both in garb and ornamentally, was so lovely!

I've realized that the whole feather-in-the-hair thing has been getting popular, as is the jewelry, I think there's just something more past that that's so beautiful.

After seeing this, I definitely long for tight-pleated braids long strings of jewelry.

I also ran into this in my search for photos. I'm so in love with it! Her hair is gorgeous. Where as most people cringe at the sight of such overwhelming hair, it just has so much personality and volume to it. The flowers fall beautifully on it as well. It's official, tomorrow I'm going to Michaels to make myself a band of flowers like this one.

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teenvoguette said...

i love that indian photograph its really pretty and i agree they are great inspiration.