July 17, 2008

Inspiration and Wants

got the Fall catalog for Urban Outfitters today, and I was slightly surprised by their new preppier approach to clothing. Much more tuxedo shirts, cardigans, and loafers. But I did see quite a few pieces I liked, so I decided to scour the internet for other things I must keep an eye out for. Now, since I am so impossibly cheap, I'll have to hope that I can hit these up at a local thriftshop. (Which has been partially successful. Red plaid oversized Diane von Furstenberg, thrifted for $1.50, and a fringe brown hippie vest for $1.50, such great deals that I couldn't resist.)

I'm in search for....
- Acid wash denims. Jeans, shorts, overalls, shortalls, whatever.
- Jumper pieces. Something fun to layer with and all.
- Leather jacket!! Preferably faux leather, since I don't want to wear the real deal.
- Rompers. Something a little snug and fun to throw some accessories together.
- Soft romantic neutral dresses. Something for me to play with contrasts.
- Colorful tops/bodysuits. Once again, for contrast with more neutral pieces.
- Floppy sunhats and a cute 20's inspired hat.
- Indian inspired mocassins, woven cutout flats, and loafers!!

Now, inspirations! These are just random photos here and there from foto_decadent that I thought inspired me to dress a certain way or try something out. Like, flowers and braids in my hair, wavy hair days, and just being comfortable in one's own body.

I just get all sorts of great vibes from these photos. As hot as it gets here in southern California, I hope summer never ends.


Lydia said...

the inspiration pics are gorgeous. Don't you feel like Urban Outfitters was right on the mark with their fall collection? It's like, everything I was planning on wearing :D

Sharon Rose said...

Love your collages-they're great and you thrifted some great finds-well done!!

Style Syrup said...

Your collage is so pretty