July 22, 2008

Tues July 22nd - Grandmother meets Farmer Joe

The weather's been cool lately, and I'm surprised it's already been a month since my birthday! Time flies, although unexpectedly since I haven't done as much as I would've hoped for during my short time in Orange County.

Later on there's a barbecue with a group of friends from high school. I'm a little excited since I haven't seen them in so long, I wonder if they've changed much since college started for everyone. Things like that worry me at times, if people changed so drastically that they aren't exactly the same person anymore....but despite that I'll be thrilled to run into them all again.

Decided to dress a little up and down for tonight's gathering. It's comfortable, a little kooky, and I've been really enjoying this light color palette, if you didn't notice from my previous entry. Also was able to play with my tripod a bit today, although in a slightly uncreative manner.

Did I mention I'm heading to Manhattan towards the end of summer? I went last year, but this year it perfectly encompasses New York Fashion week, so I'm considering taking some candids here and there. If anyone is a New York native, any suggestions on interesting places to hang out during night/day time? I've already been suggested The Cake Shop, Prince St., and of course Soho is a place I plan to visit again. I'm particularly looking for music venues, or cafes, or any general hangout spot.

Lace Tee - Forever 21
Overalls - Thrifted
Shoes - Thrifted
Accessories - Thrifted


yiqin; said...

You wear the lace t-shirt SO WELL! You always make me want to order more forever 21 stuffs!!! & I am so jealous of your overalls!!!

Ahhh I love barbeques!!

Little Peaché said...

I love your style! You look awesome!

Love Little Peaché

Sharon Rose said...

Great outfit-the lace top is bang on trend too!

Honeymoon said...

Luv it !

christina said...

Thanks everyone!

@qin : haha yeah the top goes surprisingly well with a lot of things. I was glad I found it, and my friend was kind enough to purchase it for me for my birthday. Only $10!

emma said...

ahh yay coming to my home town, if you like vintage you have to stop by beacons closet its hugggeee

styledigger said...

Heheh, love this title:) Your overall s look great, and I love love love your nerd glasses!

Hugs from Poland:)

Miriam said...

oh why cant they have f21 in sweden!!!

Diana said...

I saw that lace blouse at F21 now that I saw it on you I wish I would have purchased it. It is very cute.

christina said...

@emma - Thanks for the suggestion! I've been killing hours and hours of my life just looking for misc. things to do and shop at in Manhattan. Will be sure to check out Beacon's Closet!

@styledigger - Thank youuu. I seemed to have lost or misplaced those glasses, which makes it the second pair I've lost this year.

@Miriam - I'm surprised! They don't have one in sweden?

@Diana - Is it still available? I know that when I got it, it was on the Clearance racks so I'm not sure if it'd still be there.

Gabby said...

Wow, that shirt is awesome!