January 28, 2010

Monday Jan 25th - Lost in Wonderland

As some of you may know I was rehired back onto the Fashion Quarterly staff, which is this fashion and lifestyle magazine on campus. I figured it would be a great opportunity to start writing again and network with a bunch of other students that would share the same interest in the general fashion world.

Last Monday, we threw together a little launch party for our Winter 2010 issue, and it was quite the experience! Not to mention I was exposed to this amazing designer by the name of Eleanore Santos for her Garden Party Clothing line. As the name suggests, the clothing is all sorts of sweet, romantic, and feminine. I was in love! I'm definitely going to be custom ordering some pretty dresses and pieces from her.

Night was filled with new friends, gorgeously dressed ladies, and many comments on the "Alice in Wonderland" vibe I was giving off. I would have to say I was pleased with the comparison.

Blue Dress: Rodarte for Target $40
White Cardigan: Forever 21 $$Gift
White Purse: Vintage Working Wardrobes $5
White Kitten Heels: Vintage Salvation Army $7

You can check out more photos from the launch party HERE


$ouLphate said...

the launch party seems fun! and its cool your school has something like this! ps;love the blue dress on you!

une parisienne trés trés chic said...

I love your outfit especially the dress!

un petit lapin said...

Such a cute outfit! Love the hair accessory especially!

Shopper said...

Cute dress.

And that party looks great.

Danz said...

Cool, looks like a fun party! I also really like your outfit - the dress and the bag especially are really sweet :)

Diya said...

cute dress!!!! I love that shade of blue.

ps. I would love it if you had time to check out my newest blog, http://diyainherstilettos.blogspot.com/